Custom programming

Programming to realize ideas

Although original, creative ideas are important, they get nowhere without good programming to bind them all together. With many years of experience we can create a reliable, solid data infrastructure for your business. Your web presence can serve as a communication platform for your employees no matter where they are located. In addition, you can share your inventory (selectively, if you wish) amongst your clients or workforce.

To help you find out what SWISSLOGIC could do for your business, we offer a free, 30 minute consultation session to discuss what's best for your company. So, what have you got to lose?


Every project, large or small starts with a good plan or architecture. We listen to your requirements, make suggestions and draw up a work order. Only after both parties agree, will we go to work and start programming. We regroup to check our milestones and keep you up-to-date. Finally we present a beta version to you. We stress test the software to make sure all is working as intended. Only with your final approval will we deploy.

We usually develop using the SCRUM methodology. More here.

Workflow Processs

Cost effective solutions. We do it by:

  • Planning Ahead
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Skilled Labor = Faster Development = On Time
  • Using Creative Solutions to Accomplish the Same for Less

Our Policy

Any details, processes and structures about created software are kept strictly confidential.

AFC Custom Engineering Software (read the Case Study)

Kraft Analytics Software with Custom UI/UX

Custom Programming & Software Development: This custom software required all graphics to be pixel based (JPG/PNG) for future reporting. All Charts are generated dynamically via database on the server and delivered to the client (browser). We did not employ any 3rd party libraries but wrote all the code from the ground up. Each chart is fully interactive when hovered with the cursor. This allows for simple drill down from global to detail. We programmed the calendar to match to match agency standards (for example, February starting on the 31st, depending on weekdays)

Custom POS (Point-of-Sale) Software: The program was written for the interaction with flight attendances. To comply with union regulations we needed to create an easy to learn interface. Part of the requirement dictated a small learning curve of only 15 minutes. A touch screen with a fully graphical user interface (GUI) was employed. Today we term it UI/UX design. Essentially, GUI was the same, but UX also implies the user interaction.