Remember Napoleons' hat? That's corporate identity!

- GN

Look the part

Corporate identity and branding go hand in hand. Visit our branding section, here. We cant stress enough how important your corporate look is. Therefore we are surprised how many businesses trust such an important aspect to an amateur.

You would not wear shorts to meet the queen. No, you groom yourself accordingly. So why not look your best when confronting your clients? Unlike the queen you will not only get tea, but a check when you close the deal.

7 Identity tips

  • Define your target audience
  • Study design trends
  • Follow best in class designs but don't copy
  • Make sure your identity looks good in black & white as well as in color
  • Ask yourself, will the design look good on a business card, polo shirt, car magnet or billboard?
  • Less is more. Don't try to tell too much with your logo
  • Great design is great for business

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